Together for Togo by Prince Abdullah


Much of the world knows little about the 49 year long brutal dictatorship of the Gnassingble family in Togo. The following is a manifesto, a letter, a call to action, written by Prince Abdullah of neighboring Ghana.


Together for Togo

by Prince Abdullah

The nation of Togo is one of the last nations on earth  yet to be free from complete colonial rule. This form of neo-colonialism that has been perpetrated by the Gnassingbe family and their external backers, primarily the French and American governments, is one that is so horrendous that it is hard to believe that the people involved in this travesty are even human at all. Togo’s statistics in terms of poverty, lack of economic opportunity, healthcare , and quality of life, are all astonishingly terrible and consistently among the worst on earth. We seek to raise awareness about this issue in the hopes of bringing the people of Togo freedom to choose their form of governance, a reasonable quality of life, and the ability to collectively share in the benefits that stem from the nation’s wealth of natural and human resources. For this to be possible, the brutal totalitarian military dictatorship of the Gnassingbe regime, currently headed by Faure Gnassingbe, must come to an end immediately.

For the last 48 years, the Gnassingbe regime have acted as incredibly brutal and piggish tyrants towards their own people and shockingly useful idiots for the colonial powers that seek to maintain control of Togo. Faure Gnassingbe has allowed the nation’s natural resources, it’s ideally located port of Lome which is the most active port in West Africa, and the people of Togo, to be thoroughly abused and raped for the sole benefit of himself, his family (including his 17 children with thirteen different women), and his colonialist backers. The current president of Togo is worth an estimated 5-6.5 billion dollars; the average Togolese citizen is currently surviving off of less than two dollars a day. Togo has been rated by the World Happiness report as the scientifically most unhappy country in the world for the last four years in a row; the World Happiness report has only been in existence for four years. The study is conducted by surveys and research from multiple organizations including Gallup and the United Nations. Over 70 % of Togo does not have access to decent toilets. One in eight children in Togo will not reach their fifth birthday. Almost 70% of Togo is unemployed. 58.7% of Togo lives under the poverty line. Togo currently runs a trade deficit of an average of 279 million dollars annually and is 221 million dollars in debt, yet the treasure chests and lavish lifestyle of Faure Gnassingbe is ever increasing. After post-election protests in 1991, Eyeadema Gnassingbe, the father of Faure Gnassingbe and dictator for over 38 years, murdered 3000 of his own people; he labeled them as “treasonous.” Life in Togo is hellish and unbearable, no man woman or child in the year 2015 with the abundance of resources at their disposal should be living in this type of absolute subjugation and squalor. This needs to change.

One can not seek to seriously help the people of Togo without addressing the root cause of their suffering, which is the Gnassingbe totalitarian military dictatorship of over 48 years. We are not giving out bags of rice and needles full of unknown chemicals; we are not making speeches and asking you to sponsor children; we are bringing light. All of these atrocities have been done in the dark, we seek to bring clarity and create a two-way window between Togo and the outside world through the raising of awareness and peaceful forms of activism. We believe that when this darkness is brought to light, the goodness of the world’s people will rescue the people of Togo from this plight. The people of Togo have not had peace, self-determination, independence, or a decent collective standard of living for almost 300 years; help us to help them.



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