The Case Against War with Russia

Russian “aggression” they say is the reason. The absurdity of that is 200% Orwellian. Russia has not deployed even a single military resource near the border of the U.S. Not 1. Nor have they publicly threatened the U.S. On the contrary, the U.S has been “aggressively” encircling Russia, putting ships in the Black sea, stationing assets in Ukraine & Poland, and routinely threatening and demonizing Russia, both publicly, and officially.


The Case Against War with Russia

Let’s do a little thought experiment.

Close your eyes and think about the word Russia. I am willing to wager a box of Turkish Delights and a carton of Russian smoked salmon that at least one of the first things that came to your mind was indicative of a people or a nation that you probably would not want to fight. For students of history, they will remember Russia being the last stop for both Napoleon and Hitler in their world conquest ambitions.

So what is going on in the Obama administration? I wonder if we can file a Freedom of Information request for all of the prescription pharmaceuticals (and other drugs) floating around that place. Now that last sentence was a bit facetious, I understand things are much more sinister and serious than simple madness, but there are certainly a few degrees of insanity at play when declaring Russia and China as the top security threats to the U.S., as Chuck Hagel shockingly chose to do.

Russian “aggression” they say is the reason. The absurdity of that is 200% Orwellian. Russia has not deployed even a single military resource near the border of the U.S. Not 1. Nor have they publicly threatened the U.S. But on the contrary, the U.S has been “aggressively” encircling Russia, putting ships in the Black sea, stationing assets in Ukraine & Poland, and routinely threatening and demonizing Russia

The whole world knows who overthrew the Ukrainian Government.

The lies about U.S involvement were becoming so hard to keep under the barrage of questions from reporters such as Matt Lee and Gayane Chichakyan of RT, that the U.S state department had to cycle through spokespeople faster than Bill Clinton goes through mistresses. I guess not everyone has the Obama and Hillary Clinton like ability to tell lies with a straight face.

It simply seems the U.S. wants to start another war with 0 provocations. I think the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen are all too familiar with this. The U.S. got away with bullying these lesser poorer nations, but the Russians are in a whole different weight class.

THE U.S Military is Vastly Inferior to Russia’s.

In America, criticizing the military is akin to religious blasphemy, but I think it is a healthy practice to cross check beliefs with facts. The U.S. military has been continuously at war for almost the entirety of the new millennium. Stock piles are drawn down, the manufacturing has all gone to China (which is a Russian military ally by the way), Mexico, India, and others, the economy has been bled dry, the American people are weary from war, people are aware of the lack of care for the Veterans and thus are not in a rush to join their lot, and the American people are simply waking up to the fact that “War is a Racquet” for a few and a catastrophe for the many. They are sick and tired of being told to sacrifice life and limb for the profits of defense contractors, bankers, and politicians, while these cowardly men sit thousands of miles away and push ceaseless war propaganda for their own benefits.


On the contrary, Russia has not had a major war since the fall of the Soviet Union. That’s over 20 years without war, while the U.S. has been 15+ years at war. Russia still has strong manufacturing and has the world’s #1 manufacturer, China, as its military ally. They have not been imbued with ceaseless propaganda, they have not been lied to and False Flagged repeatedly in order to trick them into war, they have not had to see their veterans treated like animals, and they have not had to see their country impoverished for the sake of a few war profiteers. If the Russian people are attacked, they will fight with heart, and they will be fighting to defend their loved ones and country, they will be fighting for all the right reasons. And what will the U.S. military men fight for? A measly salary? A college “education”? Subsidized home buying?

“The Moral Law causes the people to be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger.”- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

Russia does not do Cost-Plus.

The U.S weaponry is not made with efficacy and economy as the primary intent. The cost-plus contracting model literally incentivizes waste and price gouging at the expense of the country. The Bradley fighting vehicle, the 1 trillion dollar F-35 jet, and the Patriot missile system are all great examples. A great movie about this ridiculousness is The Pentagon Wars, a comedy about the Bradley Fighting Vehicle based on the actual events of its creation. I’m no military expert, but when a comedic film can be made about your military equipment, I don’t think that’s a good sign.

The S400 surface to air missiles deployed in Syria demonstrated the vast superiority of Russian weapons to U.S. weapons. The U.S. would not even dare flying a plane across an S400 missile system; this is a major reason why Bashar Al-Assad’s government is still intact in Syria.

When the Russians saw the U.S. conducting war games near their borders in the Black Sea, a Russian jet easily crippled the USS Donald cook’s electrical and radar systems and left it a blind sitting duck in unfamiliar waters. Of course, the propagandists labeled this as “Russian aggression” as well.

Russia not only has a nuclear stock pile comparable to the one of the U.S. but again, because of the focus on efficacy rather than profiteering, their nuclear weaponry has capabilities that the U.S. weapons do not have. And here is a big one: The Patriot Missile System can only intercept ballistic missiles that fly on a predictable arch shaped pattern, but Russian ballistics do not fly in this pattern, they loop and spin and dive and twirl in the air, making it basically impossible for the Patriot System to even intercept a single one. On the contrary, the S400s are actually heat seeking, they don’t rely on predictable patterns, and thus can easily take down both missiles and planes.

These are the people you want to pick a fight with? Like Hitler and Napoleon, the Anglo-American empire could be the next empire in the Russian graveyard if they continue this posture.


Nuclear war is a real possibility

The most compelling reason for all remaining rational and sane individuals to be 100% opposed to a war between the U.S. and Russia, is the real possibility of escalation into nuclear war. The Russians have thousands of nukes. The U.S., France, Britain, Israel, and some of other allies also have many thousands of nukes. And going back to my point about the missile defense technology comparison, there may be a very clear winner if the war goes that far.


Is it really wise to poke the Russian bear?


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